About us

We are Humanoid Systems, a digital transformation start-up in Bangalore. Specialised in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we love to learn, collaborate and create. Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, we drive you to scale and engage with your customers through our work.

Making It Happen

Humanoid Systems started on the 3rd of February, 2018 with 6 co-founders on board. All of us had the same goal, an urge to discover the world of technology with specialization in AI and ML. As amateurs in the field, unaware of anything else but chatbots, our only vision was to learn and expand our expertise in the field of AI and ML. With no initial investors at hand, we ventured out to developing websites and applications. Even though in the later stages, the number of people on-board came down to one, the mission set out initially has seen no change.

Our first milestone that set us on the track was when we sponsored the Google I/O 2018, in Bangalore. The event helped us reach a larger audience including students, CEO’s of various companies, and gave us the opportunity to convey our company’s ideologies and services to a lot of our now clients. Our participation in the IIIT-H AI/ML program was prominent in giving us key input on how important the technology is going to be in the coming future. Several conversations with renowned businessmen, made us realise that every organization has to integrate AL and ML in their business to survive further and that is when we understood the real scope of the technology we were so passionate about. 

From then, there has been no looking back. We have served clients from Dubai, USA, Europe and tapped into the Indian market with this expanded portfolio. We are now a team with enabled proficiency catering to the Fortune 500 companies and helping ventures reimagine their business by creating digital solutions powered by the latest technology that make them stand out in this digital world.

Our Mission

Our mission at Humanoid Systems is to progressively transform businesses through innovative, reliable and tailor made digital solutions that meet your customer’s growing needs. We as a team evolve constantly to adopt and deploy new technologies that will help your business achieve better outcomes.

Meet Our Team

Our team at Humanoid Systems is exceptionally skilled and every individual, dedicate their waking hours to help us achieve our mission. We are more of a family than employees, so rightfully, meet our family of talented digital natives.

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