Our Products

With evolving technology, it is very important to connect, share ideas and communicate with a community of like minded people. With our list of products, we aim to provide a customizable, easy to use functionalities all in one place, to enhance your overall experience.

Meet Your Tribe

Meet Your Tribe (MYT) is a platform that connects like minded people with common interests. It is designed in a way where you get the chance for maximum interaction with people sharing similar interests. With MYT, we aim to connect these people and help innovate ideas for a better world. In today’s world where every individual’s opinions are different and most interactions are digital, we want to bridge that gap by bringing people together with differentiated opinions and letting them interact and work together to provoke ideas that help our Nation’s development. 

What exactly do we do at MYT?

  1. Business Listing: Every businessman and vendor, no matter how small or big the business will be listed on our platform, so they get the opportunity to discover their community and interact.
  2. Connecting Like-Minded People: With an option to choose your interests among 1000 others, people with similar interests are easily accessible to you.
  3. Increasing the Ease to Recruit: Registered companies on MYT can easily post vacancies and get access to the best hire, ranging in different fields with varied skill sets.


The concept of garment manufacturers setting up exhibitions to showcase their designs as well as collections was very prevalent. The event would attract distributors and retailers from all over India to participate, creating big opportunities. The exhibition lasts for a span of 5-10 days, where retailers made bulk orders and the manufacturers completed the orders via distributors, to reach the retailers. And since Covid, this opportunity has seen a cease. We with Vyapaar, have brought this entire concept online.

Vyapaar is an online trade show developed by Humanoid Systems where we plan to take the garment trade show completely online, helping manufacturers, retailers and distributors carry on their business.


When it comes to running a business, it is important to keep track of every department and activities going on. With Lucifer, we bring a Centralized Management System that integrates all the panels necessary for your business under one platform. You can create multiple dashboards for every user, track the activities of all departments of your venture and even the option to add your own customized panel when necessary. With Lucifer, we want to help minimize your workload with ease of communication and tracking across departments with the least amount of hassle.